Video Monkey Freebie Monday 9/08/2015

Your Video Monday Freebie

Professional 1920x1080 HD Motion Backgrounds

For All Your Social Media Marketing

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Are You Seriously Tired Of Buying The Junk Out There That Everyone Else Is Trying To Sell ???

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OK Gang, Heres the new 10 Pack,

if your not addressing the Christian Marketplace your seriously missing the boat !!! Churches Advertise, Are Very Social, Members Are very Active,

I know your all about Video, but what you all should be about, is driving TRAFFIC to your offers!!

Do you really care where that TRAFFIC comes from as long as it hits your pages??, I hope you love these...

A Thought just struck me, maybe you really don't know what to do with Scripture Memes??

Well to make this easy for you,

Your all trying to approach local Brick & Mortar Businesses to try and gain their trust and their business, Right??

Well, What''s A Church? It's A Local Business That Spends $$$

They Advertise just like any other business,

Yes, their in the business of doing the Lords Work, but they need to get those people in the doors, and what better way than with video??

Scripture Video, and a huge plus is that they can run these as time fillers while the service is running on one of their Big Screens, or as the congregation is filling up seats, use your imagination!!

These can be sold as a monthly service, and they will love you for it Because Why??

They Have Never Seen Them Before !!

I'm trying To Get Some Ideas Started Here Because I know Some Of You Are Struggling, And Sometimes The Obvious Is Staring You In The Face..

You Can Use These To Approach The Jewish Faith As Well, Just Use The 'Old Testament"

Just Start, Do Something Positive and The Rewards Will Come..
It's probably the easiest way to make an extra 500$ per month that I've ever seen...

++ Scripture Memes ++

Professional 1920x1080 HD Motion Backgrounds

For All Your Social Media Marketing

  • The Christian Market Is Amazing, And Un-Tapped
  • These Are All Pre-Produced
  • HD Motion Backgrounds That 'NO One' Has Seen Before
  • These Will Be Shared And Viewed Like Crazy
  • Rank These And Drive Traffic
  • No One Has Ever Produced These Before Now
  • Offer As A Service To Your Brick & Morter Clients
  • Each Clip Is A Complete 30secs 1920x1080 at 24fps

Here's A Quote From One Of The Very First Purchasers Last Week...

"Again, I appreciate what you are doing - and yes, offering good quality products to the Christian community is a very important thing to do (sadly it is a market that has been ignored and misunderstood).  I am a Christian and am always looking for good quality things - most non-Christian businesses who try to market to Christians do not understand what Christians want."

Paul L - Christian Marketer

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Grab These Today, As Once They Go Into Our Store, The Price will be 49.95 Per Clip

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